Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Poncho

Nothing is quite making a comeback like the poncho is this season. And I, for one, am not complaining at all. Of course, there are various renditions of the poncho, but I'm loving the sweater/cardigan version because of how easy it is to snuggle up and feel like you're in a womb or something equally as comforting. Comfort sounds really wonderful that right now considering everything in my life is changing and rearranging. Which isn't to say it's scary. I've spent a lot of my life confronting change with fear, but now I'm learning to embrace it. And embracing it is made one step easier by this poncho.

Oh, and these shoes? I love tie up any thing, but a leather and wooden wedge? Absolutely perfect. These wedges are great because they're perfect in pretty much any environment: morning brunch, late night date, city shopping or country hopping. They're versatile while still packing a punch in a way that I don't think a lot of shoes are nowadays; you can either have one or the other, not both. Unless we're talking about these babies.
Ecote Poncho Sweater, vintage linen trousers, American Apparel mesh bra, and Kimchi & Blue leather tie wedges

Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Way To Wear The Camel Coat

There's something about the camel coat that really makes it a must have for every closet, no matter what age. Because it's been cold here in LA I've been experimenting with different ways to style it and came up with this striped maxi dress from Zara. For this outfit I felt it was all about playing with the lines-- the horizontal stripes, the longer lines of the coat and the dress, the lines of these strappy heels. Outfits can have subtext too!

Zara stripe dress, vintage camel coat (similar here), Coach leather bag, Zara heels, Sjodin 925 necklace

Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Comeback HBO Premiere @ The El Capitan

This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to play a (very) small role in HBO's relaunch of the series The Comeback starring (my idol) Lisa Kudrow. Tiny part or not, I was so ecstatic to be apart of something that will surely go down in TV history. The Comeback is brilliant, funny, painful and perfect. It's not for everyone, but those who like it are going to love it.

On Wednesday, HBO hosted the premiere of the show at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood. It was so great to see the first two episodes and reunite with some of the people I met while working on the show. Free People sent over the perfect party dress for the event and I felt like a princess the whole night. The dress is cut in a trapeze shape, and because of the beading it just flowed and moved with me everywhere I went. It truly felt like a piece of art to wear. At first, I didn't know how I would style it and then a couple accessories came together (like my grandmother's gold ring and this amazing vintage brass clutch) and I realized I had to aim for a 1920s flapper theme-- which actually was very appropriate because I basically only associate "Hollywood Glamour" with silent film stars like Clara Bow and Gloria Swanson. All heavy beading, looped around pearls and gold. I promise I'll get better photos of the dress just so you can see how magnificent it is. Thank you Free People!
After the show, we were ushered to the Roosevelt Hotel for an after-party where the stars and guests mingled and ate some delicious hors d'oeuvres. I personally ate bread and lemon meringue pie the whole night. Oh, and also drank a lot of tea. In the future, I've resolved to always order tea at parties like this. It shows you're a class act.
The night was finished off with some screen printed Comeback-related totes. I actually detest the idea of totes in general (don't they just seem so sloppy?), but I really couldn't resist one with Lisa Kudrow's face on it. I mean, come on, could you?

Anyways! The show premiers tonight (Sunday) on HBO at 10 PM.You can also watch the Season 1 on HBOGo now. Be there or be square. Or, you know, just miss out.


Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Sometimes we fill our lives with just endless words, words, words. 
I'm taking a moment to pause and reflect right now. I need some silence. 
Vintage jumpsuit and Zara heels


Sunday, November 02, 2014

Instagram Roundup

Happy Sunday! Hope you're enjoying daylight savings. I personally am so thankful for just an hour more of time. There doesn't seem to be enough. A lot has happened in the last couple months so I thought I'd do a quick round-up of the main stuff happening in my life. 
I'm going to a premiere next week and have been trying to find the right dress for the event. I stopped by the Diane von Furstenberg store in Melrose to try on her infamous wrap dress for the first time. I loved it so much but it wasn't quite right. Anyway, who else is gonna tune in tonight to watch House of DVF tonight? I love the premise of the show, which is basically to introduce smart, intelligent women to the competitive, incredibly diverse and rewarding world of fashion. Diane herself mentors 8 driven young women through press lunches to fashion shows to eventually become the DVF Global Brand Ambassador. I used to watch The Rachel Zoe Project religiously when I was younger, and I feel like House of DVF has the potential to be all that and more. In case any of you are interested, House of DVF premieres Sunday at 10/9 central on the E! Network. 
Talking to the sales associate and feeling so tall. 
For Halloween my cousin and I dressed up as bald eagles and traveled to silver lake for the evening. To be honest, I miss the good old days when you just went door to door to get candy. The only positive change about somewhat more mature/older Halloween celebrations is that the costumes definitely get better. Not a spider man in sight. 
Wearing a BDG Carina T-Shirt Dress and Nike 5.0 shoes
Went to the art store a couple weeks ago. I love when there are items that come in multiple colors and are then arranged into a rainbow. Makes me want to own all of it.
This year I moved out of the dorms into an apartment off campus, which I love. This is our living room, and I think it's so cute and perfect for a first apartment. 
At the start of the semester my room mate and I went to an orchard supply store and bought a whole bunch of plants to give life to the apartment. Greenery just adds so much to a living space.
Shower plants! I love these two. I need to get a lavender bunch to put under the faucet for some aromatherapy. 
I got this print "Everything is Possible" by Karina Aibetova a year ago and finally have a apartment to hang it in. I'm writing a science fiction film right now, but even just in general the universe fascinates me. 
Another set of prints that I have yet to hang in my apartment. They're framed though! 
Wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 fawn dress and Madewell Sightseer sandals
A couple weeks ago I visited the Night Gallery in Downtown LA for the debut of John Patrick Walsh III's collection. It was all made out of molded wax and not only did it look amazing but it also smelled so good in there. I've never really been apart of the art world (film is my #1 medium) but I totally fell for the environment. More than any other sort of event or opening (even fashion!) the people that gathered there that night were dressed so groovy. Instead of succumbing to fast fashion trends, they were simply cultivating and wearing their own style. The distinction is so so important.
Tried on this Hei Hei tartan coat at Anthropologie last weekend and have vowed to stalk it in hopes that it goes on sale soon. I feel just like David Sedaris in that story in Me Talk Pretty One Day where he stands outside the studio apartment owned by a man he just met and vows that one day that man "will be mine." 
I ripped out some inspiration from last months Vogue. Loving the jeans under a slip dress and shiny slip ons. Not to mention that dark red lipstick with a dark brow. 
I got tired of my Herschel backpack recently and so opted for this new teal Fjallraven Kanken backpack in "Frost Green." How awesome is it that these have been made for over 40+ years and were originally intended for Swedish school children? Also, Fjallraven means arctic fox. And that just makes me happy.
Wearing a Topshop shrunken leather biker jacket and JBrand jeans
I have continued my internship on the Fox Studios lot next this semester and so I've been continuing to experiment with appropriate office work wear without losing my sense of personality. Here's a tried and true uniform: jeans and a leather jacket or jeans. I even just bought another leather jacket cause I needed a variation in the uniform. Or maybe I'm just the worst person ever to handle a bank account.