Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Jumpsuit and Sweater

School is already well under way and its been so hot. These are photos from August because right now all I can wear it linen dresses and skirts. I can't wait till it cools down and I can finally break out my favorite winter coats.

 photo vscocam-photo-2 2_zpsgykko1nh.jpg photo vscocam-photo-4 2_zps0oy4wyxe.jpg photo vscocam-photo-1 2_zps5klfwdkq.jpg
 photo vscocam-photo-3 2_zpsjaqzlkca.jpg
Urban Renewal jumpsuit, Brochu Walker sweater, Vans slip ons, Oliver People's sunglasses, Forever 21 hat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

70s Skirts and White Button Ups

These are a set of photos I took in Portland back in August, which feels like eons ago. However, this is basically still an outfit I'm wearing all the time, because the 70s are back, baby. And I am so so excited about that. State of G sent over this white blouse and I didn't know what to do with it at first (because often I feel like they should be relegated to offices and offices only) but rolling up the sleeves and tying it at the waist I think I've found my new favorite way to update button ups.

Meanwhile, I've been attempting to reorganize my life as I fell into terrible housing issues at school and am now re-thinking the entire next year. But that may include a summer spent in New York studying art and interning, and who could say no to that?
 photo vscocam-photo-1_zpsbo3hckjx.jpg photo vscocam-photo-4_zpstplarihe.jpg photo vscocam-photo-3_zpsutwizur1.jpg photo vscocam-photo-2_zpsbzirn3fp.jpg

Vintage 70s skirt, State of G white poplin blouse, Urban Outfitters black sandal, Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Hawaii Photo Journal

I am sorry for the immensely long absence between posts. I've been dealing with housing issues at school and also acclimating to the fact that I'm a junior and also getting classes and also... going to Hawaii!? It's my first time here and so I've gone a little overboard with the photos. I've basically just been wearing this retro 70s printed swim suit and loving every second I haven't had to wear real clothing.
 photo IMG_5877_zpsynvbotsq.jpg photo IMG_5918_zpsgswdbvbm.jpg photo IMG_5919_zps9t5fbknk.jpg photo IMG_5920_zpste6te8fa.jpg photo IMG_6378_zpst2lyv6il.jpg photo IMG_6374_zpstsbv1qbd.jpg photo IMG_6278_zpsrluwmv3s.jpg photo IMG_6295_zpsf0lmxghn.jpg photo IMG_6372_zpsocn0o8oo.jpg photo IMG_6280_zpsbmicxhaz.jpg photo IMG_6371_zpsnm5n4olo.jpg photo IMG_6274_zpsxgmc3gpi.jpg

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ready for Fall - #BeverlyCenterStyle

A couple weeks ago The Beverly Center contacted me and asked if I could come up with a complete head to toe fall fashion look in honor of their #BeverlyCenterStyle event on September 2nd. Of course, any challenge is a welcome one-- especially when it involves a budget and an entire mall to choose from.

With so many options I knew I had to have a plan so I chose a specific color scheme (blue, purples and white) to work from. Luckily, H&M had this incredible "heavy scarf" (a.k.a cape) that was the perfect statement piece for fall that I could build the whole outfit around. Footlocker had matching purple/blue ombre hued New Balances to match the cape with, paired with a white sweatshirt from Uniqlo to complete the norm core look I've been loving lately. I then found these amazing white linen pants at Forever 21 (because I still live in SoCal after all and need to breathe.) Then I found a navy zippered backpack from Love Culture (because backpacks always remind me of fall) and a black felt hat plus some silver necklaces from Forever 21 to top it all off. It took a total of four hours but I love the end result! Plenty of details to add and subtract as I feel, and totally great to bundle up with once the weather gets a little more cool (also, how much do we love the white on white look?)
H&M color block heavy scarf/cape, Uniqlo white sweatshirt, Forever 21 linen pants, New Balance shoes, Love Culture faux leather navy backpack, Forever 21 necklaces and hat. 
For those of you in LA I'll be at the Beverly Center for the culmination style event on September 2nd! Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On The Set of My Short Film

I think I've mentioned some things about a short film that I've I written and directed, which hopefully explains me being MIA on most forms of social media lately. There's something about the production process where I just get lost in it. It's the only thing I can completely focus on... which is pretty much why I want to make it my life.

I can't wait to share the final product but here are some stills and behind the scenes shots of the two days of shooting, which were long hard grueling hours of work but also completely magical. I just wore cargo pants and these Urban Renewal overalls which have been my favorite thing to put on this summer.
IMG_302211855638_10153394399561418_4178724983584343667_n11846678_10153394401141418_7662851316815197313_n11813363_10153394399226418_2130505614147984183_nvscocam-photo-2 211796185_10153394402456418_6602946658437002935_n11694830_10153394402296418_4374669418269992612_nvscocam-photo-3vscocam-photo-2vscocam-photo-1vscocam-photo-1 2