Friday, September 12, 2014

Moving In

I feel like you guys have seen these overalls a half a dozen times already on the blog, but that really isn't stopping me from posting them again because they are so amazing, and I don't think I can ever tire of the concept of overalls in general. These particular overalls I saw on a girl walking around the Fairfax Flea Market, and I had to stalk her until I worked up the courage to ask who they were by. When she said Current/Elliott, I logged it in my brain and then got on eBay later that night and miraculously found these babies just waiting for me. Sometimes, the style gods are looking out for you. Only sometimes, though.
I wore these overalls two days in a row because I was hauling things to my new apartment at USC. Living in an apartment off-campus has completely changed my perspective on college and life in general. It is so much fun to just be on your own, you know? Last year I lived in a dorm that was populated by the worst kind of people (a.k.a the incessantly drinking and throwing-up-in-the-halls type of people) and it wasn't fun or interesting to be around at all. Plus, my dorm had crazy security (good for my mom's habitual worries, not so good for me) and I'd literally have to get past four different locked thresholds and up three flights of stairs just to get to my hallway. Now, I'm in charge of basically everything. I can leave the door wide open or locked shut, throw-up in the hallways or not, and cook (or microwave) all the food I want. I think the moral of the story is: things get better. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Textured Knits, Structural Rings and Men's Jackets

Absolutely fell in love with the August editorial from Elle USA starring french actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey. Can I have all of it, please? I'm hoping LA's temperatures drop this fall and I can pile on the sweaters and oversized trousers with patent brogues and tassel details.  photo EUS_35_1_zps8742c364.jpg
 photo EUS_38_1_zpsbd8b25b4.jpg photo EUS_36_1-1_zpsed0fa509.jpg photo EUS_37_1_zpsf2afcb53.jpg photo EUS_39_1_zps36ccd29b.jpg photo EUS_40_1_zps412a75d6.jpg
Here are some pieces I found online that evoke the same feelings.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Vlog: Daily Makeup Routine

A reader asked on tumblr what I normally do for my face/eyes. While I am in no way a beauty expert, I do have a few products I returned to again and again. Normally my routine is very hands off and low maintenance (hence the title of the video). I filmed this on my computer during downtime at our hotel in New York this past August so I apologize for the quality. This is just the first of a series of videos I have planned for this year, so I'm super excited. Hope you enjoy/learn something.

Shop the products below:

-Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit (accidentally said Bobbi Brown in the video, but really Anastasia's kit is the best)

-MAC lipstick (in Chili)


-Essie Nail Polish (in Find Me An Oasis)


Friday, August 29, 2014

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Sometimes all you really need is a pair of good leather boots and mom jeans. These jeans aren't really the most structured things I own but sometimes I like to forgo flattering cuts for a more roomy, comfortable vibe. Fashion should not be about being attractive all the time, guys. This outfit was sort of a nod to the fact that summer--symbolized here by the breezy, floral silk top-- is ending and fall (these beautiful burgundy leather Free People boots) is just beginning. Because outfits can be metaphors too.

I've started school this week and I find it so absolutely weird that I am a sophomore in college. For some reason, I never thought I would make it out of high school, yet here I am… on the other side of it all. Freshman year was bumpy for a myriad of reasons, so I'm looking forward a different start this year. Meanwhile, I've signed up to work at the film school in addition to writing for Daily Trojan (USC's newspaper) and continuing to intern at Fox. College is all about getting involved, right? I wrote my first article for the Orientation Issue and for those of you in LA (because the article is about LA) or for those of you just interested, you can read it here.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Detail of the Day: BDG Tote Bag

I was recently asked what type of bag is most suitable for a college environment. While of course a backpack is a sure winner, my truthful answer to the college bag question? Leather totes! They're perfect for carrying around both your books and computer plus makeup bag and whatever various odds and ends you have. This past year, I found myself carrying around my black American Apparel sturdy leather tote everywhere around campus. However, I wanted to spice it up this year, so make way AA because there is a new sheriff in town. Urban Outfitters just launched a collection of seriously beautiful tote bags, and while there were a lot of colors to choose from, I fell for this classic brown leather one. Also, the best thing about it? It is seriously huge and is going to be even more perfect to carry around books this year.