Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In The Fields

I spent the weekend in Oregon for a family reunion and a little bit of a breather before the school year starts. I love the countryside and miss it so much when I'm in LA. I'll be honest though, when I lived here in elementary/middle school, I did not feel that way at all; I totally missed the city. But it's always funny how perspective changes.

I've been wearing a lot of chokers lately. The choker I'm wearing here comes attached to a longer chain with a pendant on the bottom (still trying to decide if it's an evil eye or just some random etchings). I love piling on chains, so this piece makes my job that much easier. I've also been pairing together random beads and crystals for a little more of a spiritual vibe. I've been traveling so much I've really needed to feel grounded. Crystals bring that energy in spades.
BDG Strip Mix Woven Babydoll Dress, Madewell Sandals, Urban Outfitters Eye Mesh High/Low Choker Necklace, Vintage Crystal necklace and handmade wooden necklace


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New York in Black & White

Every time I visit New York, I feel differently about the city. This trip we had the perfect weather-- cloudy skies with a little bit of heat-- and I didn't want to leave. That being said, it always feels nice to come back to Los Angeles where wide streets, open front yards, and swimming pools abound.

I became obsessed with this dress last Spring but couldn't justify spending so much money on such a crazy piece. Even though it's black and white (two very wearable colors), there's nothing classic or versatile about this piece. It's oversized, sort of see-through, and kind of varsity themed. And yet, I couldn't stop thinking about it; so when it went on sale, I had to snatch one up. And honestly? It's my favorite dress right now and feels perfect for these end of summer vibes I've been feeling. (For oversized/sizing reference, I'm 5'7'' and a Small in this dress).
Because of the short trip we only had a chance to stop in at one museum before leaving. Luckily, the Museum of Modern Art is the best and completely worth visiting whenever you're in New York. Henri Rousseau's The Dream is one of my favorite paintings of all time, but I got the chance to see Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World (below) for the first time and seriously fell for the stark colors and emotionally charged imagery.  I took some photos of some other amazing pieces to share as well.


Thursday, August 07, 2014


The last couple photos from Italy. Sad to see them end, but I feel very lucky that I'll have these memories forever. These shots are from Venice-- which is such an undeniably magical city. The tiniest alleyway can actually turn out to be a legitimate thoroughfare. I wore this dress walking around the city and then on the train back to Siena. It's a great travel dress because it's beautiful but also very easy to move around in as well.

Can't believe the photo series is done/I'm back in the ultimate metropolis (Los Angeles), but hopefully you guys enjoyed and the photos offered a little glimpse into beautiful Italy.
 photo vforvenice-2_zpsfe672256.jpg photo vforvenice-3_zpsc9fce045.jpg photo vforvenice_zps8963dc44.jpg photo vforvenice-4_zps4c0d6a1c.jpg photo venice-8_zps461ce11a.jpg photo venice-10_zpsaa71d40e.jpg photo vforvenice-6_zpsa4d5ed07.jpg
Jonah took this photo below after a very long travel day. How amazing is the movement of the dress?
 photo venice-11_zpse143d7ea.jpg
I'm wearing a Free People Blue Ivy Maxi Dress, Gizeh and Arizona Birkenstocks, LAUREN Ralph Lauren Crossbody bag, and Urban Outfitters Silk Roads Coins Bells Necklace


Friday, August 01, 2014

A Trip to Siena

Of all the places we visited in Italy, Siena was the most beautiful city I've ever seen. It's built on a hill and completely walled in, and thus while a city grows outside it, within is a perfect little oasis of medieval past. My favorite part of the city was the Siena Cathedral, which is probably the most sacred and beautiful place I have ever visited. If you ever have a chance to visit, I say go go go. Jonah and I couldn't spend enough time there.

Below is my favorite outfit from the trip. It was so easy and ethereal. I felt like the gold coins were my own little ode to more ancient times. Also, these sandals are my favorite things right now. I'm currently in New York and wearing them every where. If you want a comfortable sandal to last you the remainder of the summer, look no further.

 photo coins-3_zps4a8c243a.jpg photo coins-5_zps4c771dc1.jpg photo coins-2_zps2ffefa30.jpg photo coins-6_zpsda025399.jpg photo coins-7_zps9fa7483b.jpg photo coins_zpsbac4f28f.jpg

Urban Outfitters gold coin gauze trapeze dress (on sale now!), black leather harness belt, and ancient coin necklace, Madewell Gladiator Sightsser sandals, Mr. Kate BeautyMarks tattoos, Ralph by Ralph Lauren bag

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thoughts on Traveling

Another outfit from Italy. I'm not normally a cut-out girl but for some reason I thought the details on this dress were different and refreshing. I love the paneled skirt too, its perfect for a lot of walking or moving or dancing. These photos were taken outside the guesthouse Jonah, his family and I stayed in which was super beautiful inside-- I should've taken more pictures.

I've taken a couple days to reflect on my time in Italy. Every moment was so so special and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to go. I don't really know what to share about the trip because sometimes you just want to keep special moments to yourself, you know? But I will say this: I've felt a little restless in Los Angeles the past couple months and I've wondered if staying in the city for college was the right idea. Although Italy was super beautiful, I definitely missed my home; I came back feeling like LA was the right place after all. Sometimes you just need a second to get out of town and refresh. Italy offered the perspective I needed to feel like I was doing the right thing. My mission now is to work hard in LA and focus on film and my career so that in the future I have the luxury to travel how I want. It's always good to make goals, even if they change by the minute.
 photo freezer-9_zps753e2624.jpg photo freezer_zpsa88dbaeb.jpg photo freezer-12_zps6829de70.jpg photo freezer-4_zps69644ed6.jpg photo freezer-10_zpse1ec6b99.jpg photo freezer-13_zps07a1f9be.jpg photo freezer-3_zpsb340f5b0.jpg
I'm wearing a Free People Jasper Midi dress, Madewell Gladiator Sightseer sandal, Mr. Kate BeautyMarks tattoos, Mr. Kate web ring.